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Tafsir Qur\\\'an 2


THE FOOD(THE TABLE) Surah 5 Ayahs 1-1

The Arabic word UQUD, translated here to

contract, has many shades of meanings, such as a written agreement between two persons, a promise, a covenant; and hence our divine obligations that arise from our spiritual nature, and our relation to God. By contract or promise here, all our various obligations are

meant and wanted - - We may enter into a commercial, or social or public contract. We may all enter into a marriage contract or in a

construction contract. We therefore must be faithful to all our

promises and, to perform all our obligations. Fidelity and truthfulness

are among the most important tenets of Islam in all relations of our life. Even our contracts and promises with the non-Muslims should be

perfectly fulfilled and brought to effect with utmost truth and fidelity.

Hazrat Imam Ali( AS ), in his famous commandments to MALIK-AL-ASHTAR, his deputy in Egypt, has written: - -" Among the divine commandments that are incumbent upon mankind, none is more widely accepted than, keeping on with promises, and being faithful to mutual agreements. This is

because everybody knows the painful consequences of the breach of promise and compacts."

- - Allah's orders and decrees arise out of His will, and His will is in accordance with His general plan by which the whole universe is created and controlled rightfully.

- - This verse is one of the few that are used for reasoning in Islamic jurisprudence in order to prove the position and importance of any commandment on the basis that; any promise and contract must be fulfilled."

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Sunan an Nabi 2

He had a no hair on his chest . the soles of his feet were curved in the middle, line were visible around the flesh on his lower back. He had long eyelashes, a thick beard, a full moustache, a mixture of black and white hair, aperfectly formed mouth and nose , fine white separated teeth, lank hair, a line of very small hair from the middle of his chest to his naval and a proportionate body. His stomach was aligned with his chest . He had a wide chest . His neck was beautyful like an image of pure silver

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 Islamic Laws 3

3.There are three ways of identifying a Mujtahid/ and the A'alam

When a person is certain that a particular person is a Mujtahid, or the most learned one . For this , he should be a learned person himself, and should possess the capacity to identify a Mujtahid or an A'alam; when two persons, who are learned and just and possess the capacity to identify a Mujtahid or the A'ala, confirm that a person is a Mujtahid or an A'lam providedthat two other learned and just persons do not contradict them. In fact , being a Mujtahid or an A'lam can also be established by a statement of only one trusted and reliable person'. when a number of learned person who possess the capasity to identify a Mujtahid or an A'lam , certify that a particular person is a Mujtahid or an A'lam , provided that one is satisfied by their statement

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Reciprocal Right 24

Rciprocal Rights

As for the right of your brother , is that you should know that he is your hand which you extend, your back{support} which you recline upon, your strenght which you rely on, and your power by which you attack {your enemies}. Therefore, take him not as a weapon for disobedience to God, nor as an equipment to wrong the right of God; and do not shirk from assisting him against his own self{i.e.,warn him to desist from evils} , and helping him against his enemy , and shielding him from his satans, giving him sincere advice; and go forward to him for the sake of God , Then, if he obeys his Lord and property abswers His call {it is good for all} ; otherwise God, rather than your brother , should be your choice and onject of your reverence. {i.e., if your brother goes against the shari'ah and does nit listen to your exhortations and warnings, you should have no connection with him}

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Salat(Prayer) 6

Salat (Prayer)

The only Grandeur and Magnificence that makes me bow and bend down to the knees is yours! i shall never bow and genuflict before anyone and anything in obeisance and homage except you . Ishall keep my head upright in front of natural and human powers, and shall never allow this free will and reason, and straight stature that you have given me, to genuflect before these powers.' This is how a Muslim, who treads the path of Islam feels and thinks. He keeps his head upright before all men of power, position, wealth and rank, and bends or bows before none. He then lifts his head from this position, 'ruku' and stands upright

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Naj al-balaghah 6


Bear yourself towards your brother in such a way that if he disregards kinship you keep to it ;when he turns away be kind to him and draw near to him; when he withholds spend for him; when he goes away approach him; when he is harsh be lenient; when he commits wrong think of (his) excuse for it, so much so as though you are a slave of him and he is the benevolent master over you. But take care that this should not be done inppropriately, and that you should not behave so with an undeserving person. Do not take enemy of your friend as a friend because you will thus antagonize your friend. Give true advice to your brother, be it good or bitter. Swallow your anger because I did not find a sweeter thing than it in the end, and nothing more pleasant in consequence. Be lenient to him who is harsh to you for it is likely that he will shortly become lenient to you. Treat your enemy with favours, because this is sweeter of the two successes(the success of revenge and the success of doing favour)

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Salat(Prayer) 5

Salat (prayer)

RUKU' (Fig, 3)

After extolling Allah, praying to and imploring Him, the Muslim worshipper bows down touching the knees with his hands to honour His Magnificence, and in this posture of ,,ruku,, (genuflexion) he praises Allah and expresses love and sincere devotion to Him in the following words.

سبحان ربی العظیم و بحمده

Subhana Rabbiya-al-Azimi wa bi-hamdih ( My Lord the Great is free from any imperfection; and praise be upon Him.) Or he says:

سبحان الله سبحان الله سبحان الله

Subhana-Llah, Subhana-Llah, (Allah is free from any imperfection.) By uttering these words in this posture, the prayer-performer repeat the slogan of monotheism meaning to say OAllah Almighty

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Reciprocal Right 23

As for the right of your child is that you should know that he is from you and is connected to you, with all his virtue and vice of the worldly affairs; and that you are responsible for instructing him in good manners, guiding him towards his Lord, helping him to follow His commands which concerns you and him; and you will be rewarded or punished { according to your success or failure in this guidanve}.Therefore, you should endeavour to bring him up as a person who will be beautified by his good influence { upon his child} of the worldly affairs { and who wishes to be } vindicatedin the presence of his Lord concerning his responsibility towards his child by good guardianship and by taking God's dues from that child. And there is no power save in God

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Naj al-balaghah 5

Nahj al-balaghah 27

Commandment 31

where leniency is unsuitable, harshness is lenience. Often cure is illness is cure. Often the ill-wisher gives correct advice while the well-wisher chests. Do not depend upon hopes because hopes are the mainstay of fools. It is wise to preserve one's experience. your best experience is that which teaches you a lesson. Make use of leisure before it changes into (what he seeks); and every departer does not return. To lose provision and to earn evil for the Day of Judgement means ruin. Every matter has a consequence. What is destined for you will shortly come to you. A trader undertakes a risk. Often a small quantity is more beneficial than a large quantity. There is no good in an ignoblehelper, nor in a suspicious friend. Be compliant with the world as long as it is in your grip. Do not put yourself to risk as regards anything in expectation gor more than that. Beware lest the feeling of enmighty should overpower you

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Fourteen Infallibles 7

Fourteen Infallibles  7

The Prophet Muhammad

The new creed had set in motion a terrific revoloution, shaking the very foundations of the world. The vested interests, kings, priests, racketeers, and tyrants all were against, and they united to crush the movement of Islam. The keepers of Ka'bah and owners of the idols, came to Abu Talib to stop Muhammad from saying "There is no god but ALLAH (la ilaha illa Allah) ' The guardian uncle conveyed the request of the delegation to give Muhammad fortune larger than possessed by any, to make him a chief and even a king, if he agreed to give up his mission. Muhammad rfused. Angry Arab chieftain threatenedsocial boycott, destruction and death. Abu Talib (who actually became Muslim  but did not announce his faith so that he may be able to defend the prophet) promised to defend Muhammad. Boys and louts of Mecca started pelting stones and abuses on Muhammad. Brave and loyal Ali, son of Abu Talib, stopped this by his strong fists. The harrassment and tortures, which the Prophet and his small band of faithful followers suffered at the hands of Qurraysh were dragged over burning sand, imprisoned, flogged and starved, but they firmly held to their Faith till death. Umayyah, masterof Bilal, took Bilal to the desert and exposed him bare-back with his face, to the noon-day sun and placed a big stone on his chest and said, 'There you shall remain, until thou art dead or thou hast adjured Islam. 'Dying with thirst in the heat he would only answer 'Ahadun! Ahadun!(One {God} ! 0ne).

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Islamic Laws 2

Or if he is neither a Mujtahid nor a follower ( Muqallid), he should act on such precaution which should assure him that he has fulfilled his religious obligation. For example, if some Mujtahids consider an act to be haraam, while others say that it is not, he should not perform that act. Similarly, if some Mujtahid cosider an act to be obligatory (Wajib) while others consider it to be recommended ( Mustahab), he should perform it. Therefore, it is obligatory upon those persons who are neither Mujtahids, nor able to act on precautionary measures (Ihtiyat ), to follow a Mujtahid. 2.Taqlid in religious laws means acting according to the verdict of a Mujtahid. It is necessary for the Mujtahid who is followed, to be male, Shi'ah Ithna Ash'ari, adult, sane, of legitimate birth, living and just (' Adil ). Aperson is said to be just when he performs all those acts which are obligatory upon him, and refrains from all those thinds which are forbidden to him, And the sign of being just is that one is  apparently  of a good character, so that if enquiries are made about him from the people of his locality, or from  his  neighbours, or from those persons with whom he lives, they would confirm his good conduct. And if one knows that the verdicts of the Mujtahids differ with regard to the problems which we face in every day life, it is necessary that the Mujtahid who is followed be A ' lam (the most learned), who is more capable of understaning the divine laws than any of the contemporary Mujtahids

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Anew begining of Heart &Soul 2


A new beginning of Heart and Soul 2

Alongside ; in Medina and Mecca, in Uhud, Mina and Hara; this is a land where blessed Prophet of Allah (PBUH) and his followers have walked and which has seen their pains, their migrations, their battles and their sufferings. Spend your time contemplating those pasts with every step on this holy land of revelation, jihad and Quran and tradition, make it one with your blood; find your way and direction in the radiance of its light. See the outcome and the end of the road with its experience; and while believing in the ability and power of Allah and having faith in him and while believing in his victory and your own ability, start walking down that path towards your goal; and Allah is with you and will newer deprive you of {the reward of } your deeds'

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Narrated from Amir al-Mu'minin, Ibn Abbas, Abu Hurayrah, Jabir ibn Samurah and Hind ibn Abi Halah: That he was revered and venerated, dignified in the eyes of the people and honored in their hearts. His face would shine like the full moon, bright and white with ahint of redness. He was neither too thin, nor too fat. He had a white forehead and a pleasant countenance. The white of his eyes was intensely white and the black of his eyes was intensely black. The edges of his eyelids were black, he had long narrow eyebrows, a moderately large and proportionate head and was of appropriately average height. He had a wide forehead, the bridge of his nose was slightly raised, a little redness could be seen in the white of his eyes, his eyebrows were joined, he had soft and fair cheeks, long and broad forearms, large shoulder-joints, wide shoulders, strong hands and moderately large feet

Auther :Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba'i

Translater: Tahir Ridha Jaffer

A collection of Narrations on the conduct and customs of The Noble Prophet Muhammad  صلی الله علیه و آله و سلم .

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Tafsir Qur\\\\\\\'an 1


[ Surah( 5 ): Ayahs 1 - 1 ]


سورةُ المَائدة

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحيمِ يا أَيُّهَا الَّذينَ آمَنُوا أَوْفُوا بِالْعُقُودِ أُحِلَّتْ لَكُمْ بَهيمَةُ الْأَنْعامِ إِلاَّ ما يُتْلى‏ عَلَيْكُمْ غَيْرَ مُحِلِّي الصَّيْدِ وَ أَنْتُمْ حُرُمٌ إِنَّ اللَّهَ يَحْكُمُ ما يُريدُ (1)







The great commentators have known this chapter of Quran( THE FOOD )to be the last one, or of the last ones, that revealed to our prophet. For that; great emphasis has been laded upon some of the

commandments, such as those about leadership in Islam, and the prophet's successors and vicegerency. Perhaps this is the cause that

the Sureh, in one of the most comprehensive and elegantly concise sentences, puts the stress and emphasis upon being faithful to promises and covenants; - -" O, you who believe! be faithful to your contracts."

All our promises, mutual agreements, our covenants, and in

Commentary(Nimunih), Vol2, Page: 37


particular, our Divine obligations are among our contracts that we have to carry them into effect. A proverb says: - -" There is the man and his

promise!" This sentence at the beginning of the verse and the chapter, is of a very wide mental grasp. The Arabic word UQUD, translated here to

contract, has many shades of meanings, such as a written agre


[ Surah( 5 ): Ayahs 1 - 1 ]




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Taqlid: Following a Mujtahid

It is necessary for a Muslim to believe in the fundamentals of faith with his own insight and understanding, and he cannot follow anyone in this respect i. e. he cannot accept the word of another who knows, simply because he has said it. However, one who has faith in the true tenets of Islam, and manifests it by his deeds , is a Muslim and Mo'min, even if he is not very profound, and the laws related to a Muslim will hold good for him. In matters of religious laws, apart from the ones clearly defined, or ones which are indisputable, a person must:

.either be a Mujtahed (jurist) himself, capable of inferring and deducing from the religious sources and evidence

.or if he is not Mujtahed himself, he should follow one, i.e. he should act according to the verdicts(Fatwa) of the Mujtahed

According to the fatwa of Ayatullah al udhma as-Sayyed Ali al Husaini as- Seestani

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