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Islamik Laws 11

Running Water

Running water is that water which springs forth from the earth and then flows, like the water of a spring or a canal. The flowing or running water, even if is less than Kurr, does not become najis upon cotact with any najasat , unless its smell, colour , or taste changes due to that najasat.

If najasat reaches the running water , only that part of the water will be najis whose smell, colour, or taste changes on account of it, and that end which is connected with the spring will be Pak even if it may be less than a Kurr. Similarly , the water on the other side of the canal will be Pak , if it is equal to a Kurr, or if it is connected with the water near the spring through unchanged water , if not , then it would be najis. 

A spring which does not run or flow, but replaces water every time water is drawn from it, will not be treated as running water. That means if najasat reaches it, and if is less than Kurr, it will become najis


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Salat(Prayer) 15

Salat 15 :

 Salatuz- Zuhr (Noon Prayer)

After wudu' and other preliminaries, with a clean heart , free from all dissimulation, affectation and pretence, we stand up facing the " qiblah" with the niyyah ( intention) for four rak'ahs and we say " Allahu Akbar" .

Rak ah 1.  we then recite " Suratul-Hamd" and follow it with another surah from the Holy Qur'an such as " At-Tawhid. we the perform ruku' after which we rise and stand upright. we then perform sujud, and then lift up the head and sit upright. We again perform sujud after which we sit at ease with folded knee (fig.5)

Rak' ah 2 .  We then get up and stand upright to perform the second rak ' ah of the salat.   Once again we recite  " Suratul-Hamd" and another surah from the Holy Qur'an or the same surah of " At-Tawhid".    We then perform Ruku'  after which we rise and stand upright . Having done so, we perform sujud.  We then sit at ease (Fig. 5) This is followed by performing the second sujud ( sajdah) after which we sit at ease and say

اشهد ان لا اله الا الله وحده لا شریک له و اشهد ان محمدا عبده و رسوله. اللهم صل علی محمد و آل محمد .

" Ashhadu an la ilaha illa-Llah , wahdahu la sharika lah Wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan 'Abduhu wa Rasuluh. Allahummasalli ala Muhammadin wa Ali Muhammad

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Arafa Dua 6

 )which( supports and surrounds the cloak of the chest, holding the great artery )aorta(, and the vital veins, )behind( the pericardium of the heart, fissures and retinues of the lever,  
خ and the encircling rib cage, on )both( sides, cavity of hip-bone, the juncture of )movable and immovable bones( vertebrae. crowding, pressing, interacting functions of the organism, and fingers on the extremities of the body;  
خ and flesh, blood, hair, skin, muscles, ducts, bones,  
خ marrow, sinews, and all limbs of the body;  
خ and that which had been pieced together, in addition to above, in the earliest stage of my development, and that which had been handed over to me by the earth; and my sleep, wakefulness, and rest; performance of bowing down and prosternation.  
خ If I resolve and make efforts, over the years, in a lifetime, to thankfully express my obligation and gratitude to Thee for even a single favour, I cannot find the words to make it possible,  
خ except to do what Thou has very kindly made obligatory upon me in order to be able to turn thankful unto Thee, always, day and night; again and again to be praised for newly-acquired rare gifts, devotedly with perseverance, in the future life.  
خ If I crave for more, taken up with greed, to have an idea about Thy bounties, given and to be given )with the help of expert accountants(,  
خ we shall neither be able to fence in the sum total, nor reckon, )nor( agree with each other;  
خ also from where and how all that was made available! Thou Thyself made known in Thy rational Book, and Thy information was true: "If you would count the bounty of Allah you cannot reckon it. "  
خ O Allah, Thy book is true, and also Thy information. Thy Prophets and Messengers had conveyed )only( that which Thou communicated to them through revelation, )and Thou( prescribed a path to walk and a law to follow, for them, and through them-Thy religion.  


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Tafsir Qur\\\'an 10

Therefore a verse was revealed conveying a very strict order that seriously wanted Mohammad S. A. to deliver the most important

message of Allah to all the believers, declaring openly that HAZRAT ALI is the prophet's successor and the first of the Imams and the commander of the believers. The verse was as follows: - -

" O, you, My Apostle! Proclaim the Message which has been revealed to you from your Lord. And if you do not do it; then it is as if you have not delivered His

message.( AT ALL )( Do not care about those who may reject the announcement )

Because Allah will protect you from the people. Allah guides not those who reject

faith." QURAN - - s 5: 67

Now the prophet could not delay the proclamation any more; because he was given a forewarning, and he was threatened by the above verse that his 23 years of endeavour and hard work in conveying God's Message would be futile and ineffectual if he did not introduce Hazrat Ali as his successor and vicegerent to all his followers.

He therefore ordered a halt of all the pilgrims in KHOMM- Al- GHADIR. A high pulpit was assembled for him with the saddles of

horses and camels. The prophet went up the pulpit, and ordered

Hazrat Ali to stand besides him on the pulpit. He made a relatively

long speech for his great audience which was collected word by word by many of his disciples, and it has also been recorded by Allameh Amini in his famous book called AlGHADIR, and also in hundreds of other books. The prophet ended his long speech with the following sermon: - -

" ... I am a human being as you are, and my end might be near. I should

leave among you two heavy things: - - The Book of ALLAH, and MY NEARESTS OF KINS, by which you may find light and guidance. He whose guardian leader

( MOWLA )was I, this ALI( WHO STANDS HERE BESIDES ME )is his guardian leader

Commentary(Nimunih), Vol2, Page: 47

after me. God will love him who loves Ali, and will hate him who hates Ali.

O, People, Know that, Allah has appointed Ali as your guardian and Imam after me; and it is incumbent for you all to obey him when I pass away. He who

rejects him will incur the curse of Allah on himself, and he who obeys him will have God's blessing and Mercy.

O, People! There is no knowledge but Allah taught it to me, and I conveyed and taught all I knew to Ali. Then do not leave him and go astray. I am the City of

knowledge, and Ali is the gateway to the City. Ali is the man whose acts are right

and truthful, and Ali is the best of all men after me.


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Sunan An- Nabi 10

al-Saduq said: Up to this point it has been the narration of Qasim ibn al-Mani, from Ismail ibn Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn Jafar ibn Muhammad and the rest , up to the end , is the narration of Abd al-Rahman..... Imam al- Hasan said ; i kept this hidden from al-Husayn for some time then i told him about it , but i found he already knew of this before me so I asked him about it and learnt that he had asked his father about how the Noble prophet was , inside the home and outside, his sitting and his appearance; and he did not leave out anything.Imam al-Husayn said ; I asked my father about the conduct of the Noble Prophet when he entered his home . He said ; He entered the home when he wanted to and when he came home , upon his entrance , he divided his time into three parts: a part foe Allah, a part for his family and a part for homself. Then he divided his own time between himself and the people, keeping his portion for his special companions and the other portion for the general public; and did not save any time for his personal work.

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A new begining of Heart &Soul 12

A new beginning of Heart & Soul 12

It is true that HAJJ can bring about an innate transition in every single Muslim. It is the soul of monotheism and communication with God and believing in him; it is the abnegation of all the inside and outside idols of the human existence which are none other than the same old corrupting desires and cravings and the forces which entrap the human beings; it gives birth to the feeling of strngth and self confidence and salvation and self-sacrifice in them and such is this transition that it creates a person who is always undefeated and who is inappeasable threat and allurement

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Islamic Laws 10

There are two ways of establishing that the quantity of water is equal to Kurr: a person should be sure abbot it himself, two men who are just, should say so.     Under-Kurr Water   Under Kurr water means water which is poured on something which is najis , or if a najid thing contact it, it becomes najis. But , if such water is poured with force on a najis object, only that part which contacts it will be najis , and the water which has not reached the najis object, will be Pak.Under -Kurr water which is poured over a najis object to remove the essential najasat will be najis, as it flows after the contact . Similary, the under-Kurr water which is poured over a najis thing to wash it after the essential najasat has been removed, will be najis, as an obligatory precaution. The water with which the outlets of urine and stool are washed, does not make anything najis , subject to the following five conditions: 1-It does not have the small, colour or taste of najasat. 2- Extra najasat has not reached it from outside. 3-Any other najasat like blood, has not come out with urine or stool. 4- Particles of stool do not appear in the water. 5- More than usual najasat has not spread around the outlet


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Salat(Prayer) 14

Salat 14

In this last part of the salat once again the prayer- performer acknowledges the uniqueness of Allah and says clearly : Muhammad (S,A) is a servant and Messenger of Allah. And i pray to Allah to send His blessings to him, his dfscendants, and all other righteous belivers. Muslims utter this sentence : Muhammad (S.A.) is a servant of Allah , at least nine times a day . They do so to avoid going astray like the Christians who exalt Jesus from the position of servitude to Allah to the state of Divinity, or semi-Divinity, or call him the Son of Allah.Muslims seek peace and blessings of Allah for the prophet (S.A.), the great leader of Islam, his infallible descendants, the righteous and pious believers, to whatever corner of the world they may belong, are from one IslamicUmmah. This attachment prevails so widely and deeply among them that even when a Muslim performs salat alone, he feels himself among his other Muslim brothers. Thus , at the end of each salat , he says salam( greetings) to them all, addressing them directly with these words " As-salamu ' allaykum wa rahmatu-Llahi wa barakatuh" ( peace and Allah's mercy and blessing be upon you all.)

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Arafa Dua 5

 Thou elaborately signified me whenever I thanked Thee. And like that Thou brought to fulness and made complete Thy favours and preferences for me.  
خ So, glory be to Thee. Glory be to Thee, the Originator, the Perpetual who brings back all things, the Praised, the Almighty. Blessed are Thy names. Much, many and essential are Thy bounties.  
خ Which is it, of Thy bounties, O my God, that I can count in number, or refer to? Which is it, of Thy grants, that I can take up to show my gratitude?  
خ They are, O Lord-Nourisher, much more than what the experts in accounts could add up, or the memory of the keen perceivers could grasp and recognise;  
خ then, also that which Thou turned off and pushed back, O Allah, )so as to keep me safe( from many a loss, are more than what Thou brought out openly to circle round me and give me joy, heart and confidence.  
خ And I pronounce the profession of faith, O my God, with true belief, )and it is( tied together: with my conviction-decided, sure, )with( my )confident acceptance of Thy( Oneness-sincere, clear,  
خ )with( the interior nature and firmness of consciousness, )with( the light of the eyes, the coherence of sight, )with( the lines imprinted on the forehead,  
خ )with( the open hallow )track( for the breath of life, )with( the supple but strong nasal cavities of the nose, )with( the vibrations of eardrums for the hearing;  
خ and )with( that which Thou joined and fit therewith: two active edges )lips(, nimble movements of the tongue, uttering words,  
خ a seat )underneath( and a palate )above( inside the mouth and jaws; growth of the teeth, passage for eating and drinking,  
خ carriers laden with nerves and sinews )inside( the skull, tube for swallowing )gullet( held fast by the connective tissues of the back,  
خ )which( supports and surrounds the cloak of the chest, holding the great artery )aorta(, and the vital veins, )behind( the pericardium of the heart,

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Tafsir Qur\\\'an 9

A Lot of them had fought

the sacred religious fights, only for the sake of spoils, and not for the cause of God! Besides that, during the bloody religious wars( JAHAD )Hazrat Ali was always the first and foremost of warriors fighting in the frontier line. He therefore had killed so many of the pagan Arabs; at least one

from each family. Those young warriors that had lost a father, a

brother, or a near kin, by the sword of Hazrat Ali, namely ZOLFAGHAR; bore a deep grudge against him, or at least it was hard for them to love or even forgive him. Later on, when Moaviyeh rebelled against his

vicegerency and threatened Hazrat Ali by fight and war, he laughed at Moaviyeh and said: - -" ZOLFAGHAR, the sword by which I killed your brother, your uncle, and your cousin in the battle of Badr is still with me! So don't you ever think that fight for the cause of Allah can frighten me."

After all, in the sight of the dogged, stubborn group of Arab nominal Muslims with that tribal and racial zeal, Hazrat Ali seemed too young for that high position." How could", they said," a young who has

not a white hair or even a grey one on the face, become the leader of Islamic wide world?" On the other hand, there were elders of high social position among Muslims whose desire from the very beginning of their conversion was to succeed the prophet.

All these and more reasons stopped the prophet for a few days to

Commentary(Nimunih), Vol2, Page: 46

make the announcement. But the chance of announcing the

appointment would soon be lost, because the pilgrims had finished their rites, and within a couple of days, they would scatter and go in different ways towards their homes. Particularly the point named

GHADIR KHOMM, or KHOMM- Al- GHADIR was a cross- road, that would separate most of the pilgrims in their way home.


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Sunan an-Nabi :

The world and its disappointments never made him angry. But when someone's rights were usurped , he would become so angry that nobody would recognize him and nothing would stand in his way untile he had helped that person ( get back his rights ) When he pointed at something , he pointed to it with his whole hand and when he was surprised he turned his hand upside-down . When he talked, he would join his hands together and would tap the back of his left thumb with his right palm. When he become angry , he turned his face away and when he was annoyed, he looked down.His laughter was manifested by a smile and ( when he smiled ) his teeth were seen to be like hailstones.

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A new begining of Heart &Soul 11

A new beginning 11 :

Gratitude for blessings will increase the blessings on you

HAJJ is the blessing of God which has been bestowed upon the Muslim generations. Gratitued and appreciation increases the blessing and ingratitude and ungratefulness takes those blessings away from the Muslims which is the same intense wrath of God that says; And if you are ungrateful, truly my punishment is terrible indeed. The concept of taking away the blessing of HAJJ is not that none would go on HAJJ but means that the Muslims will be deprived of its innumerable profits and likewise the increase in the blessings does not have the meaning that every year more and more groups of people will perform this ceremony of HAJJ but it means that those people will be able to take the benefits of this ceremony: 'that they may witness the benefits ( provided in this life-giving program ) for them.

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Islamic laws 9 :

22. If a part of Kurr water freezes to ice , leaving a quantity which is not equal to a Kurr, and then najasat reaches it, it will become najis, and water obtained from the melting ice also will be najis.

23 If the quantity of water was equal to a Kurr and later on , if someone doubts whther it has reduced to less than a Kurr , it will be treated to be equal to a Kurr , i,e, it will make a najis object Pak, and will not become najis if najasat reaches it. And if water was less than a Kurr , and one suspects that it may have become equal to a Kurr , it will be treated as under-Kurr water.

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Salat(Prayer) 13

Salat 13 :

Sit with folded knees as in (fig . 5 ) and recite :  اشهد ان لا اله الا الله وحده لا شریک له . Ashhadu an la illah illa-Llah, la sharika lah. ( I bear witness that there is no god but Allah; He is Alone, and to Him there is no partner.) .  و اشهد ان محمدا عبده و رسوله .  Wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu wa Rasuluh. ( I bear witness thatMuhammad ( S. A ) is His servant and His Messenger.) .  اللهم صل علی محمد و آل محمد .  Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa Ali Muhammad. ( O  Allah , bless Muhammad ( S . A) and his Descendants.)   السلام علیک ایها النبی و رحمه الله و برکاته .  As-salamu  alayka  ayyuha-n-Nabiyyu  wa rahmatu-Llahi wa barakatuh. ( Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you O prophet ! )   السلام علینا و علی عباده الله الصالحین . As-salamu alayna  wa  ala  ibadi-Llahi-s-salihin  ( Peace be upon us and all Allah"s righteous servants )   السلام علیکم و رحمه الله و برکاته .   As-salamu  alaykum  wa rahmatu-Llahi  wa barakatuh  ( Peace, mercy and blessing of Allah be upon you all.)  Thus , the salatus-subh ends here .a

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Fatima the Gracious


Fatima the Gracious

It was a short life ... As short as the lives of fragrant roses....  A life which Lady Fatima (A.B) endured and now it is coming to an end... even before it was given the chance to copletely blossom !! Surely the sussessive calamities and severe hardships which befell Lady Fatima Zahra (A.B) , while she was still young , left her with a broken rib and confined to bed, suffering from her broken rib and remembering what had come to pass and her devoted husband who was her safe refuge in whom she took refuge whenever abused,,

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