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Sahifah Al- Sajjadiyyah


His Supplication upon completing a Reading of the Qur’an

O God, Thou hast helped me complete Thy Book, which Thou sent down as a light (manifest light) and appointed as a guardian over every book Thou hast sent down, preferring it over every narrative which Thou recounted, separator, through which Thou hast separated Thy lawful from Thy unlawful, Qur’an, through which Thou hast made plain the approaches to Thy ordinance, a book, which Thou hast distinguished very distinctly for Thy servants, a revelation, which Thou hast sent down. A sending down, upon Thy prophet Muhammad (Thy blessing be upon him and his Household)       

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Nahgolbalagheh 20

Nahjal-balaghah 20

Commandment 31

Therefore, wherever you wish, open the doors of His favour with prayer, and let the abundant rains of His mercy fall on you. Delay in acceptance of the prayer should not disappoint you because the grant of prayer is according to the measure of (your) intention. Sometimes acceptance (of prayer) is delayed with a view to its being a source of greater reward to the asker and of better gifts to the expectant. Sometimes you ask for a thing but it is not given to you, and a better thing is given to you later, or a thing is taken away from you for some greater good of yours, because sometimes you ask for a thing which contains ruin for your religion if it is given to you. Therefore, your request should be for things whose beauty should be lasting and whose burden should remain away from you. As for wealth it will not last for you nor will you live for it.      

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Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet of Islam, was born in Mecca on 20th jumada'th-thaniyah 18 B H.The good and noble lady Khadijah and the Apostle of Allah bestowed all their natural love, care and devotion on their lovable child Fatimah, who in her turn was extremely fond of her parents. The Princess of the House of the prophet, was very intelligent, accomplished and cheerful. Her sermons, poems and sayings serve, as an index to her strength of character and nibility of mind

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Fourteen Infallibles 16

Fourteen Infallibles 16

Mohammad 3


The wealthy noble widowed lady Khadijah, looking for a manager for her rich mercantile caravans, selects Muhammad, the Trustee. Able and fair dealing, Muhammad is a tremendous success. Khadijah already an admirer, made him an offer of marriage, Muhammad was twenty-five and Khadijah forty. In spite of this disparity in age, the marriage proved to be a very happy one.

Muhammad lover of nature and quite, worried about human sufferings, Muhammad very often retired to Mount Hira’ for meditations, One night, laylatu’l qadr ( the night of Majesty) a voice addressing him, commanded “recite in the name of thy Lord “ Deeply excited by the strange phenomena of Divine Visitation, Muhammad hurried home to his wife, Khadijah, who listened to him attentively and said that “ I bear witness that you are the Apostle of God.”       

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Prayer (Salat) 17

Salat 17

(Fig 2)

Allowing themselves to become the victims of these mean flatterers. They become self-centred, obstinate, proud and dangerous idols, who consciously or unconsciously, expect all others to respect them even to the point of adoration. They expect blind acceptance of their thoughts and views and strict obedience to their order. Islam stresses constantly that:

“Praise is due only to Allah” Thus, Islam sees to it that such pompous and arrogant “ idols” do not appear in the monotheistic Islamic society, thereby ensuring impartial and logical criticism of anyone, irrespective of rank or position.

الرحمن الرحیم .                                                                                          

Are –Rahmani-r-Rahim. ( The Beneficent, the Merciful )  

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Reciprocal Rights 18

Reciprocal rights 18

13. As for the right of the sacrificial offering.

( hadyy) is that it should be offered with pure intention for your Lord, seeking His mercy and acceptance, and not for the eyes of the onlookers. When you sacrifice according to this {standard}, you will not be a showy and exhibiting person, but will only be seeking {the pleasure} of God. And know that God is sought what is convenient {to you} , not through what is difficult; as He Himself has made the rules easier for His creatures, and has not intended to make them suffer hardship. Also humbleness is better than grandiosity for you, because pomposity and extravagance are the lot of self-important person. And as for humbleness and modesty, there is no pretention or waste in them, because they are natural and are present in the human character. And there is no power save in God.        

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Sahifah Al-Sajjadiyyah 19

Doa’ 42

Thou appointed it a light through following which we may be guided from the shadows of error and ignorance, a healing for him who turns ear toward hearing it with the understanding of attestation, a just balance.

Whose tongue does not incline away from truth, a light of guidance who proof is not extinguished before the witnesses, and a guidepost of deliverance, so that he who repairs straightway to its prescription will not go astray and he who clings to its preservation’s handhold will not be touched by the hands of disasters.

O’ God since Thou hast given us help to recite it and made smooth the roughness of our tongues through the beauty of its expression, place us among those who observe it as it should be observed, serve Thee by adhering in submission to the firm text of its verses, and seek refuge in admitting both its ambiguous parts and the elucidations of its clear signs!        

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Nahgolbalagheh 21

Nahj al-balaghah 21

Commandment 31

O’ my child, know that you have been created for the next world, not for this world, for destruction (in this world) not for lasting, and for dying not for living. You are in a place which does not belong to you, a house for making preparations and a passage towards the next world. You are being chased by death from which the runner-away cannot escape, as it would surely overtake him. So, be on guard against it lest it overtakes you at a time when you are in a sinful state and you are thinking of repenting but it creates obstruction between you and repentance. In such a case you will ruin yourself.

O’ my child, remember death very much and the place where you have to go suddenly and reach after death, so that when it comes you are already on your guard against it and have prepared yourself for it and it does not come to you all of a sudden and surprise you. Beware, lest you become deceived by the learnings of the people towards worldly attraction and their rushing upon it. Allah has warned you about it and the world has informed you of its mortal character and unveiled to you its evils.  

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Surah (112) Ikhlas (tawhid)


سورةُ الإخلاص‏

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحيمِ قُلْ هُوَ اللَّهُ أَحَدٌ (1) اللَّهُ الصَّمَدُ (2) لَمْ يَلِدْ وَ لَمْ يُولَدْ (3) وَ لَمْ يَكُنْ لَهُ كُفُواً أَحَدٌ (4)

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful 1. Say: He, Allah, is One,

2. Allah, the Eternal,

3. He begets not, nor is He begotten,

4. And there is none like unto Him.


The first verse, of this Sura, is an answer to the repeated question of many persons from different groups of people or tribes who asked about the attributes and identity of Allah. The command is:

Say: He, Allah, is One, It begins with the Arabic term/ huwa/ 'He' which is a pronoun-third-person and refers to something known to all, but ambiguous and not identified with any, as against the usual reference in the term of first person singular 'I'. It is, indeed, a code referring to the fact that His Holy Being is extremely concealed and no human

Commentary(Noor al-Quran), Vol12, Page: 294


thought or imagination can touch it, though the signs of His Existence have filled the world, totally, and are more apparent and clear than all things, as Sura Fussilat, No. 41, verse 53 says: Soon will We show them Our Signs in the( furthest )regions( of the earth ), and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the Truth ...

. Then, it makes this unknown fact manifest by saying that 'Allah is One'.

By the way, the term/ qul/, here, means 'express this fact and tell others'.

A tradition from Imam Mohammad Baqir( p. b. u. h. )says that after expressing this statement he has said: Pagans and idol worshippers used to point to their idols using demonstrative pronouns and say: 'O Mohammad, these are our gods that can be seen. You, too, describe your God so that we can see and understand'. Allah revealed these verses: 'Say: He, Allah, is One', and the/ h/ in the word/ huwa/ refers to the confirmation of the matter and takes it into consideration. And/ w/ is a third person pronoun which refers to the meaning that it is concealed from the sight of the eyes and it is beyond the limits of the touch of the senses.­ 1‑

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ALTAFSIR --Surah Ikhlas 2

Tawhid 2


In another tradition, Imam Amir-ul-Mo'mineen Ali( p. b. u. h. )says: On the night before the battle of Badr I saw 'Khidr' in my dream. I asked him to teach me something with which I would defeat the enemies. He told me: 'Say:/ ya hu ya man la huwa illa hu/, The next morning I told the Messenger of Allah( p. b. u. h. )what had happened, and he( p. b. u. h. )said: 'O Ali you have been taught the Greatest Name( of Allah )'. Thereafter, I repeatedly said the phrase in the battle of Badr.­ 2‑

When 'Ammar Yasir heard that Hazrat Ali( p. b. u. h. )was reciting this phrase, habitually, while he was fighting on the day of Siffin, he asked him what it was, and Hazrat Ali( p. b. u. h. )replied: It is the Greatest Name( of Allah )and the pillar of monotheism.­ 3‑

Allah is a proper name for God, and the meaning of the Imam's expression is that in this very word are gathered all His attributes of



Bounty and Glory, and due to this it has been called 'The Greatest of Name'.

This proper name is used for nothing but God, while other names for Allah

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Fourteen Infallibles 17

Fourteen 17

Mohammad 4

After an interval, the voice from heaven spoke again “O thou shrouded in thy mantle, arise, and warn, and magnify thy Lord ‘’ This was a signal for him to start preaching the gospel of One God. In the beginning Muhammad invited only those near him, to accept the new Faith. The first to embrace Islam among women was Khadijah and among men ‘Ali. Soon after, azaayd ibnal-Harithah became a convert to the new Faith followed by Abu Baker and ‘Uthman. Umar hitherto a violent opponent of Islam, notorious for the persecution of the Muslim and a bitter enemy of the Prophet, embraced Islam, later.      

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Reciprocal Rights 19

Reciprocal 19

Rights of leaders

14. As for the right of your ruler (sultan) is that you should know that you have been made a trail (fitnah) for him and that he is on test through you by the power  he has been granted by God over you. And you should sincerely wish him well without quarelling with him, because his hands are strongly upon you and {by opposing him} you would be a causes of your own destruction and also of his destruction. And beseech his pleasure with humbleness and courtesy as much as is useful in averting his harm from you and does not interfere with your religion; and ask the help of God in this task. And do not indulge in opposition to, or hatred of him because if you did so, you would be ungrateful to him {because if, as a result of this hatred, he was unjust to you he would be disgraced before God} and ungrateful to yourself {because you made yourself a target for his tyranny}, and thus you would be counted as his helper against yourself and his partner in whatever he did against you. And there is no power save in God.

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Prayer (Salat) 18

Salat 18

Fig 2

    مالک یوم الدین                                                                                                  Maliki Yawmi-d-Din.

(The Master of the Day of judgement.)

Although a Muslim believes in the mercy and forgiveness of Allah and is hopeful if His Compassion, yet on the other hand, as Allah is just, he fears His punishment. He does not get self-conceited, and knows that his good and bad deeds will be weighed on the Day of judgement.

ایاک نعبد و ایاک نستعین                                                                                        

Iyyaka na’ budu wa Iyyaka nasta’in (You (alone) we worship and you (Alone) we ask for help.)

A Muslim always relies upon Allah and the abounding possibilities and power bestowed upon him by providence, and never extends his hand to any individual for help.

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Sahifah Sajjadiyyah 20

Doa’s 42

O God,

Thou sent it down upon Thy prophet Muhammad (God bless him and his household) in summary from, Thou inspired him with the science of its wonders to complement it, Thou made us the heirs of its knowledge as interpreters, Thou made us to surpass him who is ignorant of its knowledge, and Thou gave us strength over it to raise us above those not able to carry it.

O God, just as Thou hast appointed our hearts as its carriers and made known to us through Thy mercy its nobility and excellence, so also bless Muhammad, its preacher, and his Household, its guardians, and place us among those who confess that it has come from Thee, lest doubt about attesting to it assail us, or deviation from its straightforward path shake us!       

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Nahgolbalagheh 22

Nahjal-Balaghah 22

Commandment 31

Surely, those (who go) after it are like barking dogs or devouring carnivore who hate each other. The stronger among them eat away the weaker and the big among them tramples over the small. Some are like tied cattle and some like untied cattle who have lost their wits and are running in unknown directions. They are flocks of calamities wandering in rugged valleys. There is no herdsman to detain them nor any tenderer to take them to grazing. The world has put them on the track of blindness and taken away their eyes from the beacons of guidance. They have therefore been perplexed in its bewilderings and sunk in its pleasures. They took it, as a god so it played with them. They too played with it and forgot what is beyond it.         

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