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Fourteen Infallibles 18

Fourteen 18

Mohammad 5

For three long years, he labored quietly to wean his people from the worship of idols and drew only thirty followers. Muhammad now decided to appeal publicly to the Quraysh to give up idol worship and embrace Islam. He invited forty of his kinsmen to a feast. At the gathering, Muhammad stated that he had lived a lifetime among them and asked if they had ever found him lying? The general response was; we have never found you lying, O al-Amin!; The prophet of Islam asked if he were to tell them that their enemies had collected beyond the sand- hills to attack them, would they believe? The reply was,; yes.; “will you believe anything I will now say? Again the reply was, ;Yes. ; The prophet addressed them: I know no man in all Arabia, who can offer his kindreds, a more excellent thing than I now do. I offer you happiness both in this life and that which is to come. God Almighty has commanded me to call unto Him. Who, therefore, among you will assist me herein shall become my Brother and my caliph?                   a

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ALTAFSIR --Surah Ikhlas 3


This proper name is used for nothing but God, while other names for Allah each of which usually refers to one of His qualities of Beauty and Glory, are often used for other than Him.

The root of the word is mentioned differently;/ ilahat/,/ alahah/,/ alilahah/,/ ilah/,/ walih/; however, Allah, from whatever root it is, has been used as a proper noun, applied to 'the Being Who exists necessarily, by Himself; comprising all the attributes of perfection; a proper name denoting the true god, containing all the excellent, divine names; a unity having all the essence of existing things'.

This Sacred Name is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an almost one thousand times, which is more than any other name of His Holy Names. This name brings light in our heart, makes us firm and calm, and takes us into a world full of purity and serenity.

The term/ ahad/ is derived from/ wahdah/, and some believe that/ ahad/ and/ wahid/ are the same in many cases. In this case,/ ahad/ is interchangeable with/ wahid/ when it is used as an epithet applied for Allah, because/ al-ahad/, as an epithet, is applied to Allah alone, and signifies 'the One'; the Soul; He Who has always been one and alone; or the Indivisible; or He Who has no second( to share )in His Lordship, nor in His Essence, nor in His attributes.


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Sahifah Sajjadiyyah 21

Doa’s 42

O God,

Bless Muhammad and his Household and make us one of those who hold fast to its cord, seek haven from its ambiguities in its fortified stronghold, rest in the shadow of its wing, find guidance in the brightness of its morning, follow the shining of its disclosure, acquire light from its lamp, and beg not guidance from any other!

O God, just as through it Thou hast set up Muhammad as a guidepost to point to Thee. And through his Household Thou hast made clear Thy good pleasure’s roads to Thee, so also bless Muhammad and his Household and make the Qur’an our mediation to the noblest stations of Thy honour, a ladder by which we may climb to the place of safety, a cause for our being repaid with deliverance at the plain of Resurrection, and a mean whereby we may reach the bliss of the House of Permanence!          

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