Praise belong to ALLAH,who chose , for us the good qualities of creation , granted domination over all creation ,every one of His creatures submits to us through His Power , and comes to obey us through His might .Praise belongs to ALLAH, who locked for us the gate of need exept toward Him .So how can we praise Him? When can we thank Him?Indeed , when?Praise belongs to ALLAH, Who placed within us the organs of expansion , assigned for us the agents of conttaction ,gave us to enjoy the spirits of life ,fixed within us the limbs of works , nourished us with the agreeable things of provision , freed us from need through His noynty , and gave us possession through His kindnee then He commended us that He might test our obedience and prohibited us that He might try our thanks giving .So we turned against the path of His commandments and mounted the backs of His warnings

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