Kauthar 4

Kauthar 4

Some have commented on it as being 'prophecy' and some others as the Quran still others as abundance of the Prophet's companions and followers' ,or the abundance of the descendants' all  of whom came from his daughter , Fatimah Zahra (P.b.u.h.) , and they multiplied to such an extent that it is imposible to count them . they are not only , now , but , until the advent of the Hereafter , the reminders of the holy Prophet (P.b.u.h.) . some have also commented on it as 'intercession narrating a tradition from Imam Sadiq (P.b.u.h.) reference . Even Fakhe - i - Razi has narrated fifteen different narration on the meaning of  'Kauthar'. But , it seems that most of them are the statements of the clear examples of this broad concept , because , as was mentioned before , 'Kauthar'means' goodness and blessings in abundance' , and we know that Allah , the Graceful , granted the holy Prophet (P.b.u.h.) so many blessings so that each of those mentioned in the above is one clear example of them . there are also many other examples that may be cited as example .Commentaries for the verse.   NOORAL - QURAN

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