The happy lady 10

The happy lady

The happy lady part 10

When Imam Ali went to propose the daughter of his cousin the holy prophet of Islam, the prophet went near his daughter. She respected her father and brought him some water. His holiness washed his hands and legs with that water and told her:” Ali comes here for you what’s your idea about him?” she was shy and was silent. Her silence showed her agreement with that marriage and she accepted Imam Ali’s proposal in that way. The holy prophet of Islam stood up while he was whispering “Allah is great” (الله اکبر) at the time Gabriel (جبریل) appeared and told him:” oh Muhammad! Marry Fatimah to Ali for Allah is satisfied with this marriage. They both deserve each other.” Imam Ali said: the holy prophet of Islam married me his daughter and then went near me and held my hand and told me to stand up and say these words “I am receiving Allah’s bounty and I am satisfied with his willing. There is no power but Allah and I always trust him “And then I sat beside Lady Fatimah then his holiness looked up and said:” oh Lord! These are the most beloved people for me so please love them and give your mercy to them and their children and protect them all.

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