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“When there will be a lot of wars all over the world a herald will call from top of the walls of the Damascus: oh beware of the coming evil.” I saw this tradition when I was trying to find something to writ for this issue. This tradition was said about the end of the world hundreds years ago. The walls of Damascus! If you have seen this city you can find out that this city is full of tall walls. May be these walls were not there hundreds years ago .and now the evil is coming close. War fire and bloodshed is all over the Syria. Damascus is in a kind of inflammation and every one do nothing and just watching. This is our time. In our free time we sit in front of the TV and watch the news. In the news we see lots of offensive scenes which make us upset and the solution is easy, to change the channel. Being indifferent is a disease in our time. And there is a very easy excuse in the answer: we cannot help it. The evil is coming. This is not the story of Damascus itself but Syria is the block. If it collapses the evil will conquer the entire region. The evil have nothing to do with others. They just want to destroy and uproot real Muslims and Shia Muslims. They support Wahhabis and Alqaedeh who are real terrorists and evil to destroy Islam and Muslim world. We hope that right wins soon insha allah(انشا الله).

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