O He who does not take people, who disobey, to task in a hurry. O He who granted amnesty to the magicians )who confronted Moosaa on the behest of Firawn( although they used to, day after day, deny the truth,  
خ to such a degree that while they ate their daily food, making use of His bounties, worshipped some one else other than Him, opposed Him, ran away from Him, and belied His Messengers.  
خ O Allah! O Allah! O He who originated the beginning! O He who brought into being! There is no equal comparable to Thee, O Everlasting! There is no end )ceasing( for Thee, O Everliving! O He who, when there will be no living being,  
خ shall bring the dead to life again! O He who keeps an eye on and watches over every soul, as towhat for and how )they( make efforts!  
خ O He unto whom rarely I turned thankful but who did not deprive me of the supports of life; my lapses were many but He did not put me to shame; I boldly transgressed but He did not let )my conduct( become known!  
خ O He who looked after me in my childhood! O He who provided me with the means of subsistence when I grew up!  
خ O He whose favours bestowed on me cannot be counted, and His bounties cannot be reviewed in detail! O He who placed at my disposal goodness and kindness, )but( I, in return, held out evil and wickedness.  

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