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For me the feast (aleed) is the day I can see him. all the nights for me are like the night of Qadr if he is close to me .everywhere he goes is Meca and everywhere he lives is the holy land.mu masjed al aqsa is where his foot prints are .if he comes close to my place all the seasons will be spring so pleased.(A poem by Ibn Farez)
But how is your feeling. Are we really waiting for him?
We are absent and he is present and this is because of our sins. Are we really waiting for him? Waiting means to be ready. When I am an oppressor how I can wait for one who is fighting with oppression. Waiting means to try to change a bad situation to a good one. When you wish for a better situation you should try to change it not just sit and wait for someone to come and change it for you. In the section of free articles we are going to have some texts about the end of the world and the promised savior ensha Allah. We will be happy to receive your comments and any article that you think we can use in our website.


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