Islamic Laws 16

Islamic Laws 16


In Wudhu, it is obligatory to wash the face and hands, and to wipe the front portion of the head and the upper part of two feet. The length of the face should be washed from the upper part of the forehead, wherehair grow, up to the farthest end of the chin, and its breadth should be washed to the part covered between the thumb and the middle finger. If even a small part of this area is left out, Wudhu will be void . Thus, in order to enshure that the prescribed part has been fully washed, one should also wash a bit of the adjacent part. If the hands or the face of a person are larger or smaller than normal he should observe how people normaly wash their face, and follow accordingly. Also, if he has hair on part of his forehead, orthe frontal part of his head is bald, he should wash his forehead as is usually washed by the people.

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