Islamic Laws 15

Islamic Laws 15 

If rain water falls on najis dust or sand , soaking it thoroughly , it become Pak . If rain water collects at a place , even ifits quantity is less than a Kurr , and a najis thing is washed in it whileit is raining , it becomes Pak provided that, it does not assume the smell , colour , or taste of that najasat . While using the toilet for relieving oneself , the front or the back part of one'sbody should not face the holy Kabah. If a person sits in the toilet with the front part of his body or the back facing the Qibla , but turns the private parts away from that direction, it will not be enough. Similarly, when the front part of the body or the back does notface Qibla , as a precaution, heshould not allow theprivate parts to face that direction

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