Sunan An-nabi 15

Sunan an-Nabi 15 

When he spoke , those who were sitting with him were mesmerized , motionless and silent with awe- as though there were birds perched on their heads. When he became silent , they spoke. They never debated in his presence; when one would speak , the others would listen to him until he had finished and they would take turns to speak in his presence. He would laugh when they laughed and express surprise when they expressed surprise. He was patient with the incivility of the outsider in his questioning and speech , even if his companions objected. He would say : "if you see a person in need then assist him ,"He would not accept praise except from one who was sincere in his professing himself a Muslim. He never interrupted anyone's talk unless the person exceeded the limits, in which case he would interject by asking him to desist or by standing up

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