Salat (Prayer) 19

Salat 19 :

The hymn which protects man's personality." "The hymn of purity and virtue." "The hymn of peace and good relations with all the righteous men of Allah

It is the hymn which all Muslims must racite five times daily, so that remembrance of and faith in Allah become stronger, enabling man to sustain and keep alive his high human qualitiesand guard against the deviation from the right Divine path . It guards him too ,against the pollution of attributingassociates to Allah Almighty, getting morally corrupt by the influence of enticing beauties or wordly pleasures , fear of the self_centred powers, and disagreement with Allah's righteous servants. It also safeguards him from all other spiritual corrptions. It is like the humn (that) the soldiers recite every morning and evening, to keep the spirit of heroism and courage alive, or like the hymn the pioneers recite to strenghen their spirit of benevolence and beneficence 

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