The verse begins with the essentials of the ablutions that are preparatory to prayers; the religious term of which is VOZOO.
According to the narrations that we have received from the House- hold of the prophet, and his near companions, VOZOO consists of: - -
                        Commentary)Nimunih(, Vol2, Page: 25
1 (the wash of face. 2 (the wash of both hands up to the elbows.
3 (wiping a little of the crown of the head with the washed and wetted right hand in order to clean it. 4 (Wiping the back of the feet with the
hands which are washed and are still wet.
If you have sex pollution, the case is different, and you have to wash and bathe your whole body, before attending your prayer. The
technical term for this kind of ablution is known as GHOSL. When you
have already performed the ablution GHOSL, there is no need to do the Vozzo, and it can do for both.
Then there are the exceptions to be considered and taken to practice: - - One may not find water at all, or he might be sick, or wounded, so that he cannot medically wash his limbs, or he may be on a journey, without the access to water; In such case, another performance takes the place of washings and ablution. He may do what
it is technically termed; TAYAMMUM which is getting in touch with some clean dust or soil. He also has to touch with the palms of both hands
the earth, and then wiping the face, and with each of the palms the back of the other hand.
THE PHILOSOPHY OF VOZOO AND TAYAMMUM There is no doubt that Vozoo, which is the preparatory ablution of prayer, may have two clear advantage: - - That of the hygienic and the ethical advantages.
As for the hygienic profits, it is evident that washing hands and faces, and wiping heads and feet, will keep the limbs and the nerves calm.
As for the ethical and spiritual profits; the ablutions are done for God's sake with the intention of approaching Him. 

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