خ Zuboor, and that which teaches to distinguish between good and evil )Furgan(, and revealed the phrases-"KaafHaa-Yaa-A'yyyn-S'aaad", "T'aaa-Haa", "Yaa-seeen" and also the )whole( Quran, full of wisdom;  
خ and Thou art my sanctuary when divergent and diverse opinions and theories obscure my vision )and when( the earth, notwithstanding its abundant resources, presses hard upon me and becomes stingy; had not Thy mercy )enfolded me(would have certainly been ruined.  
خ Thou overlooked my lapses; had not Thy shield )covered me( I would have certainly been disgraced.  
خ Thou backed up me with Thy support against my enemies; had not Thy support )helped me( I would have certainly been defeated.  
خ O He unto whom belong sublimity and supremacy exclusively, but His friends surpass in honour and glory under His authority.  
خ O He before whom rulers and kings hang their heads in abject surrender, frightened to death and stunned by His majesty.  
خ He is aware of the furtive glances and that which is buried in the hearts, and events that are lying hidden and lurking in time and space.  
خ O He about whom no one at allknows "how" He is, except He. O He about whom not a soul knows "what" He is, except He.  
خ O He whom no one knows except He. O He who surfaced the earth over the water, and plugged the space between heaven and earth with a layer of air.  
خ O He to whom belong the choicest names. O Owner of everlasting "Kindness", in force till eternity, never to be cut off.  
خ O He who influenced a troop of horsemen to ride into thewaste and empty desert for the sake of Yoosuf; )and in this manner( took him out from the well, and changed his fortunefrom subjugation to dominance.  
خ O He who paid attention to Yaqoob's cries of grief, and hewas calm and restful.  
خ O He who removed hardships and sorrows from Ayyoob. O He who caught hold of Ibrahim's hand when he was about to cut the throat of his son, in old age, at the end of his life.  
خ O He who heard the supplication of Zakariyya and gave him Yahya and so did not abandon him to be lonely and helpless.  
خ O He who let Yoonus come out from the belly of a large fish. O He who cut open the sea for the children of Israel to save them, and let Firawn and his troops drown.  
خ O He who sends winds laden with clouds anouncing rain before Thy mercy )drops from the heaven(.  

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