Karbala 3


He bade farewell to all the family and asked them to be brave . When he left, he left his Will with his half-brother, Muhammad Ibn al-Hanafiyyah. On the will he wrote : ;In the Name of God, the Most kind, the Most Merciful. This is the Will that Husayn Ibn ' Ali Ibn Abi Talib leaves to his brother Muhammad Ibn al-Hanafiyyah, that Husayn has witnessed that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger. He brought the truth from God that heaven is true, that hell is true , and the Time will come without any doubt, and God will resurrect everyone from his or her graves . Indeed, my movement is not evil, reckless, mischievous, or unjust. Ido support correcting what is wrong in the nation of my father , Ido want to encourage the right , and prevent the wrong , and follow the tradition of my grandfather , and my father , Ali Ibn AbuTalib. Whoever accepts me by truth, God is the protector of the truth , and whoever refuses this, I will be patient while God decides between me and them, and He is the best judge. This is my will to brother and all success depends on God, and only on Him I reply. Imam Husayn sealed the will and gave it to his brother Muhammad Ibn al-Hanafiyyah . He left Medinah on  Sunday night tow days before the end of Rajab 

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