Arafa Dua 3

خ Thou brought me into existence from the dust, thereafter deposited for keeping in the procreative loins, free from deadly dangers, and from uncertain ups and downs in the course of events and circumstances,  
خ I was not neglected so as to go from the loin to the womb, to arrive in advance, in the days of empty and unruly times.  
خ It was Thy kind consideration, friendliness and favourable inclination towards me that Thou did not bring me out during the rule of "unbelieving in God" leaders who pulled apart the bounds of obligation unto Thee and 'denied Thy Messengers,  
خ but made me come out when, well in advance, the true guidance had been made available to )the mankind( which rendered my task easy,  
خ and amid that )facility( I grew up. Earlier than that Thou made generous use of Thy limitless resources and very lovingly gave shape to Thy beautiful design.  
خ Then the beginning of my growth started in the discharged sperm, and I passed )dwelling for a time( through three intricacies flesh, blood and hide,  
خ unable to see my own growth, and there was nothing which I could do on my own;  
خ thereafter I was commissioned to enter this world, complete in all respects, with an "end" in view, in the midst of true guidance, sent down ahead of my arrival.  
خ I was taken care of in the cradle when I was a suckling infant, nursed on easily disgestable wholesome milk,  
خ brought up in the lovingly caressing arms and bossoms, loved and cherished by mothers, kept safe from the clutches of demons,  
خ steered clear of ebbs and tides; so, let Thou be praised and glorified O Merciful, O Compassionate,  
خ so far it is possible to use words. Thy favours, much and many, are perfected in me, so as to leave nothing wanting. Thou reared and educated me, year by year, progressively,  
خ till my natural disposition reached a condition of complete excellence, in style and substance; my intellect and judgement poised in equilibrium. Thou made me deserving to adhere and cling to Thee by stimulating creative thoughts in me to know Thee well and accurately. Thy extraordinary wisdom filled me with awe and delight.  

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