Arafa Dua 2

 Whatever takes root and shoots up is not concealed from His view, nor that, which is left alone and is at rest, is deemed lost in His estimation. . . . .  
خ He pays back, as the case may be, in return of every "work". Whoso prays humbly and convincingly is accommodated; whoso goes near Him, in need, receives )His( loving response.  
خ He is the ultimate destination, where, whoso reaches draws advantages from and profits by His hospitality. He is evident )clear to the understanding( through the light of the conclusive Book.  
خ It is He who listens to and accepts prayers, drives away sorrows, takes up to higher regions, destroys the force of tyranny,  
خ so there is no god other than He nothing )no one( can place one's self on a level with Him, and there is nothing comparable unto Him.  
خ It is He who hears, sees, and is aware )of everything( in detail, and it is He who is able to do all things.  
خ O Allah I willingly lean upon and long for Thee, I solemnly declare that Thou art God,  
خ I humble myself by owning with gratitude that Thou art my Lord-Nourisher. Unto Thee I shall return. I came into being when Thou mercifully said "Yes". Prior to my becoming worthy of introduction )in this world(,  , 

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