Reciprocal Right 24

Rciprocal Rights

As for the right of your brother , is that you should know that he is your hand which you extend, your back{support} which you recline upon, your strenght which you rely on, and your power by which you attack {your enemies}. Therefore, take him not as a weapon for disobedience to God, nor as an equipment to wrong the right of God; and do not shirk from assisting him against his own self{i.e.,warn him to desist from evils} , and helping him against his enemy , and shielding him from his satans, giving him sincere advice; and go forward to him for the sake of God , Then, if he obeys his Lord and property abswers His call {it is good for all} ; otherwise God, rather than your brother , should be your choice and onject of your reverence. {i.e., if your brother goes against the shari'ah and does nit listen to your exhortations and warnings, you should have no connection with him}

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