Salat(Prayer) 5

Salat (prayer)

RUKU' (Fig, 3)

After extolling Allah, praying to and imploring Him, the Muslim worshipper bows down touching the knees with his hands to honour His Magnificence, and in this posture of ,,ruku,, (genuflexion) he praises Allah and expresses love and sincere devotion to Him in the following words.

سبحان ربی العظیم و بحمده

Subhana Rabbiya-al-Azimi wa bi-hamdih ( My Lord the Great is free from any imperfection; and praise be upon Him.) Or he says:

سبحان الله سبحان الله سبحان الله

Subhana-Llah, Subhana-Llah, (Allah is free from any imperfection.) By uttering these words in this posture, the prayer-performer repeat the slogan of monotheism meaning to say OAllah Almighty

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