Naj al-balaghah 5

Nahj al-balaghah 27

Commandment 31

where leniency is unsuitable, harshness is lenience. Often cure is illness is cure. Often the ill-wisher gives correct advice while the well-wisher chests. Do not depend upon hopes because hopes are the mainstay of fools. It is wise to preserve one's experience. your best experience is that which teaches you a lesson. Make use of leisure before it changes into (what he seeks); and every departer does not return. To lose provision and to earn evil for the Day of Judgement means ruin. Every matter has a consequence. What is destined for you will shortly come to you. A trader undertakes a risk. Often a small quantity is more beneficial than a large quantity. There is no good in an ignoblehelper, nor in a suspicious friend. Be compliant with the world as long as it is in your grip. Do not put yourself to risk as regards anything in expectation gor more than that. Beware lest the feeling of enmighty should overpower you

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