Fourteen Infallibles 7

Fourteen Infallibles  7

The Prophet Muhammad

The new creed had set in motion a terrific revoloution, shaking the very foundations of the world. The vested interests, kings, priests, racketeers, and tyrants all were against, and they united to crush the movement of Islam. The keepers of Ka'bah and owners of the idols, came to Abu Talib to stop Muhammad from saying "There is no god but ALLAH (la ilaha illa Allah) ' The guardian uncle conveyed the request of the delegation to give Muhammad fortune larger than possessed by any, to make him a chief and even a king, if he agreed to give up his mission. Muhammad rfused. Angry Arab chieftain threatenedsocial boycott, destruction and death. Abu Talib (who actually became Muslim  but did not announce his faith so that he may be able to defend the prophet) promised to defend Muhammad. Boys and louts of Mecca started pelting stones and abuses on Muhammad. Brave and loyal Ali, son of Abu Talib, stopped this by his strong fists. The harrassment and tortures, which the Prophet and his small band of faithful followers suffered at the hands of Qurraysh were dragged over burning sand, imprisoned, flogged and starved, but they firmly held to their Faith till death. Umayyah, masterof Bilal, took Bilal to the desert and exposed him bare-back with his face, to the noon-day sun and placed a big stone on his chest and said, 'There you shall remain, until thou art dead or thou hast adjured Islam. 'Dying with thirst in the heat he would only answer 'Ahadun! Ahadun!(One {God} ! 0ne).

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