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Or if he is neither a Mujtahid nor a follower ( Muqallid), he should act on such precaution which should assure him that he has fulfilled his religious obligation. For example, if some Mujtahids consider an act to be haraam, while others say that it is not, he should not perform that act. Similarly, if some Mujtahid cosider an act to be obligatory (Wajib) while others consider it to be recommended ( Mustahab), he should perform it. Therefore, it is obligatory upon those persons who are neither Mujtahids, nor able to act on precautionary measures (Ihtiyat ), to follow a Mujtahid. 2.Taqlid in religious laws means acting according to the verdict of a Mujtahid. It is necessary for the Mujtahid who is followed, to be male, Shi'ah Ithna Ash'ari, adult, sane, of legitimate birth, living and just (' Adil ). Aperson is said to be just when he performs all those acts which are obligatory upon him, and refrains from all those thinds which are forbidden to him, And the sign of being just is that one is  apparently  of a good character, so that if enquiries are made about him from the people of his locality, or from  his  neighbours, or from those persons with whom he lives, they would confirm his good conduct. And if one knows that the verdicts of the Mujtahids differ with regard to the problems which we face in every day life, it is necessary that the Mujtahid who is followed be A ' lam (the most learned), who is more capable of understaning the divine laws than any of the contemporary Mujtahids

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