Anew begining of Heart &Soul 2


A new beginning of Heart and Soul 2

Alongside ; in Medina and Mecca, in Uhud, Mina and Hara; this is a land where blessed Prophet of Allah (PBUH) and his followers have walked and which has seen their pains, their migrations, their battles and their sufferings. Spend your time contemplating those pasts with every step on this holy land of revelation, jihad and Quran and tradition, make it one with your blood; find your way and direction in the radiance of its light. See the outcome and the end of the road with its experience; and while believing in the ability and power of Allah and having faith in him and while believing in his victory and your own ability, start walking down that path towards your goal; and Allah is with you and will newer deprive you of {the reward of } your deeds'

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