DOA'S 17 

His Supplication when he Mentioned Satan and Sought Refuge from him and from his Enmighty and Trickery

O God,

we seek refuge in Thee . from the instigations of the accursed Satan, his trickery, and his traps, from trust in his false hopes, his promises, his delusions, and his snares, and lest he should make himself crave to lead us away from Thy obedience and to degrade us through our disobeyingThee, and lest what he shown us as beautiful be beautiful for us and what he has shown us as detestable weigh down upon us.

O God, drive him awayfrom us through Thy worship, throw him down through our perseverance in Thy love, and place between him and us a covering that he cannot tear away and a solid narrier that he cannot cut through

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