Reciprocal Rights 19

Reciprocal 19

Rights of leaders

14. As for the right of your ruler (sultan) is that you should know that you have been made a trail (fitnah) for him and that he is on test through you by the power  he has been granted by God over you. And you should sincerely wish him well without quarelling with him, because his hands are strongly upon you and {by opposing him} you would be a causes of your own destruction and also of his destruction. And beseech his pleasure with humbleness and courtesy as much as is useful in averting his harm from you and does not interfere with your religion; and ask the help of God in this task. And do not indulge in opposition to, or hatred of him because if you did so, you would be ungrateful to him {because if, as a result of this hatred, he was unjust to you he would be disgraced before God} and ungrateful to yourself {because you made yourself a target for his tyranny}, and thus you would be counted as his helper against yourself and his partner in whatever he did against you. And there is no power save in God.

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