ALTAFSIR --Surah Ikhlas 2

Tawhid 2


In another tradition, Imam Amir-ul-Mo'mineen Ali( p. b. u. h. )says: On the night before the battle of Badr I saw 'Khidr' in my dream. I asked him to teach me something with which I would defeat the enemies. He told me: 'Say:/ ya hu ya man la huwa illa hu/, The next morning I told the Messenger of Allah( p. b. u. h. )what had happened, and he( p. b. u. h. )said: 'O Ali you have been taught the Greatest Name( of Allah )'. Thereafter, I repeatedly said the phrase in the battle of Badr.­ 2‑

When 'Ammar Yasir heard that Hazrat Ali( p. b. u. h. )was reciting this phrase, habitually, while he was fighting on the day of Siffin, he asked him what it was, and Hazrat Ali( p. b. u. h. )replied: It is the Greatest Name( of Allah )and the pillar of monotheism.­ 3‑

Allah is a proper name for God, and the meaning of the Imam's expression is that in this very word are gathered all His attributes of



Bounty and Glory, and due to this it has been called 'The Greatest of Name'.

This proper name is used for nothing but God, while other names for Allah

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