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In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and the most Merciful. Congratulations Al eid fitr. Long days of hunger and thirsty are past and we reach the eid. This is great to be the gust of Allah for a month and receive his mercy. The host is with you and near you. He Himself says everyone who remembers me in his moments I’m with him in his moments. Now the holy month of Ramadan finished and our lives go back to normal. In this situation try not to forget this companionship with Allah.at the night of Qadr the angles came to us say hello to us and pass us. Now we smell like the angles. We can even be above them and pass the angles and go to higher levels. Here is a competition and the reward is the paradise, the best reward. We had the feast praying .have you ever thought about this point that in the Ayat praying9the praying for natural disasters) we are bowing down five times but in the praying of the fitr we just hold our hands up and we thank Allah that: oh our Lord thank you for giving us this chance to be your slave and to be your gust in this very holy month. You are so Kind and we ask You to give us whatever You give to Your best people and forgive us .Amin. We the team of Taha post again congratulate this eid and ask us to put your comments about articles in our web site. We do appreciate all of your comments. Thank you and May Allah bless you all.



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