Sahifah Al-Sajjadiyyah 19

Doa’ 42

Thou appointed it a light through following which we may be guided from the shadows of error and ignorance, a healing for him who turns ear toward hearing it with the understanding of attestation, a just balance.

Whose tongue does not incline away from truth, a light of guidance who proof is not extinguished before the witnesses, and a guidepost of deliverance, so that he who repairs straightway to its prescription will not go astray and he who clings to its preservation’s handhold will not be touched by the hands of disasters.

O’ God since Thou hast given us help to recite it and made smooth the roughness of our tongues through the beauty of its expression, place us among those who observe it as it should be observed, serve Thee by adhering in submission to the firm text of its verses, and seek refuge in admitting both its ambiguous parts and the elucidations of its clear signs!        

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