Reciprocal Rights 18

Reciprocal rights 18

13. As for the right of the sacrificial offering.

( hadyy) is that it should be offered with pure intention for your Lord, seeking His mercy and acceptance, and not for the eyes of the onlookers. When you sacrifice according to this {standard}, you will not be a showy and exhibiting person, but will only be seeking {the pleasure} of God. And know that God is sought what is convenient {to you} , not through what is difficult; as He Himself has made the rules easier for His creatures, and has not intended to make them suffer hardship. Also humbleness is better than grandiosity for you, because pomposity and extravagance are the lot of self-important person. And as for humbleness and modesty, there is no pretention or waste in them, because they are natural and are present in the human character. And there is no power save in God.        

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