Fourteen Infallibles 16

Fourteen Infallibles 16

Mohammad 3


The wealthy noble widowed lady Khadijah, looking for a manager for her rich mercantile caravans, selects Muhammad, the Trustee. Able and fair dealing, Muhammad is a tremendous success. Khadijah already an admirer, made him an offer of marriage, Muhammad was twenty-five and Khadijah forty. In spite of this disparity in age, the marriage proved to be a very happy one.

Muhammad lover of nature and quite, worried about human sufferings, Muhammad very often retired to Mount Hira’ for meditations, One night, laylatu’l qadr ( the night of Majesty) a voice addressing him, commanded “recite in the name of thy Lord “ Deeply excited by the strange phenomena of Divine Visitation, Muhammad hurried home to his wife, Khadijah, who listened to him attentively and said that “ I bear witness that you are the Apostle of God.”       

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