Prayer (Salat) 16


 Salat 16


In Islam, praise is due only to Allah, whose perfection is infinite. Besides Him none (nobody and nothing) is worthy of praise. One can express one’s appreciation for someone or something, but within the limit of his or its worth. Thanks should be given in accordance with the service and kindness rendered. But appreciation and thanks must not take the form of flattery. Flattery and exaggerated praise is detrimental to morality and calamitous to society. An exaggerating panegyrist and flatterer destroys his own personality and through his exaggerated eulogy and flattery, he debases himself. He further encourages people to project false image of themselves. These persons become increasingly more showy and self-conceited. They soon stop reflecting upon their own shortcomings to which they turn a blind eye, and show aversion to criticism of their behaviour by other.

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