Reciprocal Rights 17


Reciprocal rights 17

12. As for the right of alms(sadaghat) is that you should treat it as your deposit with your Lord, and a trust which needs no witness. When you know this you will have more confidence in that saving which is deposited secretly rather than that which is given openly; and it behaves you to keep secret with God whatever you may desire to disclose; and this should always remain as a secret between you and Him, and you should not try to get witnesses to see or hear about this (alms). Otherwise it will be an indication that you have more confidence in witnesses than in your Lord concerning the (ultimate) return of this trust to you. Moreover, you should not make anyone feel obliged to you (because you have given him alms) as this is (actually) for your own benefit. If you made him feel obliged to you, how could you be sure that you yourself would not be in his position (in the future), because your behaviour would show that you had not deposited that  alms  for your own benefit. Had you felt that it was for your own benefit, you would not have demanded obligations from others. And there is no power save in God.       .      

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