Reciprocal Rights 16


Reciprocal right 16

As for the right of fasting (sawm) is that you should recognize it as a curtain which God has set up over your tongue, your hearing, your sight, your private part and your stomach to protect you from the Fire; and it has come in hadith {from the Prophet} that “ Fasting is a shield against the Fire” . Therefore if you keep your organs calm and quite inside this curtain, you may expect them to remain shielded; and if you allow them to remain disturbed behind the curtain trying to raise the corners of this cover, so that they come to know what is not lawful to them through glance which cause a desire and a power which is beyond the boundary of taqwa ( fear of God) you cannot be sure that it will not tear down the curtain and escape. And there is no power save in God.      

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