Fourteen Infallibles 14

Fourteen Infallibles.14

Prophet Muhammad. First Infallible.

Name Muhammad. Title: Mustafa. Agnomen: Abu’ L- Qasim.

Father’s name: Abdullah ibn ‘Abdi’l-Muttalib. Mother’s name: Aminah bint Wahab. Birth: Born in Mecca on Friday, 17th Rabi’ u ‘L-awwal, in the year of Elephant. Death: Died at the age of 63 in Medina on Monday, 28th Safar, 11A H; buried in his apartment adjoining the mosque, in Medina.


Abdu’ l- Muttalib was the chieftain of Banu Hashim and he was also the guardian of the Ka’bah. Among his ten sons, Abdullah was the father of the Holy Prophet and Abu Talib was the father of Ali.       

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