ALTAFSIR --Surah Nas

(commentary)Noor al-Quran(    Vol12    page 319

By invoking this great attribute, Man can be hopeful and expect an especially particular retreat. Everyone should seek refuge with Allah as their King and Owner, invoking His authority over the affairs of Man, i. e., He is the One Who can independently act over His creation to seek the protection by invoking the divinity of the Lord as the God of Mankind for it is His authority which must necessarily be obeyed, i. e., it is His command or His Will which is always done. Therefore, against the evil of these whisperers, there are heavenly angels for the believing servants of Allah and seekers of Truth, to come to help them, as Sura Fussilat, No. 41. Verse 30 says: In the case of those who say: 'Our Lord is Allah', and, further, stand straight and steadfast, the angels descend on them( from time to time )...

) 1 (- - Nahj-ul-Balaqa, Sermon 05,) Arabic Version (

Commentary(Noor al-Quran), Vol12, Page: 320


But, in any case, we should never be proud and feel that we are not in need of the Divine lessons, admonishments and assistance. We should always take refuge with Him and be aware and prepared.


O Lord! Protect us all from the evil of every tempter and dark inspiration.

O Lord! The trap is deep, the enemy is wakeful, his plots are hidden, and rescue is impossible but with Your Grace.

The End of Sura Nas( Mankind )

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