Prayer (Salat) 13

Salat Prayer

Al-Qiblah---the Direction (of Ka bah) which a Muslim Facees at Salat

Then stand facing the Ka ‘ba, the House renowned for the remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) the hero and champion of monotheism along with his son Prophet Isma’il (A.S.).These tow, the father and the son of pure temperament, once built this House at Makkah for the worship of Allah, the One and the Unique. Islam has declared this House as the very focal point of monotheism, and the Muslims have been ordered to turn their faces towards it, wherever in the world they may be, during the performance of their ‘salat’ so that it becomes the focal center of monotheism. The Holy Qur’an says:   و من حیث خرجت فول وجهک شطر المسجدالحرام و حیث ما کنتم فولوا وجوهکم شطره . 

"And from whatsoever place you set out, turn your face towards Al-Masjidul-Haram (the Sacred Mosque); and wherever you are, turn your faces towards it. (The Holy Qur’an, 2: 150) The place where we perform ‘salat’ and our dress should be unobjectionable, i.e., not having been acquired by force, nor by violation of the rights of others, nor these should be prohibited from other Islsmic viewpoints.

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