Fourteen Infallibles 12

Fourteen Infallibles:12


Among sufferings and chaos, the Muslims clamoured to elect ‘Ali as the successor of the Holy Prophet and caliph of Allah.

Looking to the condition of the society, how everyone was running after this world, ‘Ali at first refused to accept the responsibility of the state, but on the third day with great reluctance, he agreed to take up the charge and to accept their oath of allegiance as a caliph. Following the footsteps of the Holy Prophet, ‘Ali established the Islamic tolerance and justice, brotherhood and goodness, He re-lit the torch of Islamic learning and progress. ‘Ali’s famous sermons and lectures given from the minber (pulpit) of the mosque of Kufa and on other occasions, have been published in a book called Nahju’l-balaghah are worth reading. In his old age, Ali’ had to make three more jihads in the battles of camel, Nahrawan and Siffin against the hypocrites, who rebelled and revolted against the commands of the Holy Qur’an and the Apostle of Allah.   


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