Sahifah Al-Sajjadiyyah Doa 3 (2)

Angel Brought Nigh.       


Entrusted with Thy revelation, obeyed by the inhabitants of Thy heavens, distinguished in Thy Presence, brought nigh to Thee; the spirit who is over the angels of the veils, and the spirit. who is of Thy command-bless them and the angels below them: the residents in Thy heavens, those entrusted with Thy messages, those who become not wearied by perseverance, or exhausted and flagged by toil, whom passions distract not from glorifying Thee and whose magnification of Thee is never cut off by the inattention of heedless moments; their eyes lowered, they do not attempt to look at Thee; their chins bowed, they have long desired what is with Thee; unrestrained in mentioning Thy boons, they remain humble before Thy mightiness and the majesty of Thy magnificence; and those who say when they look upon Gehenna roaring over the people who disobeyed Thee; ‘Glory be to Thee, we have not worshiped Thee with the worship Thou deservest!

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