I Take Refuge With the Lord of Mankind.

In this Sura, which is the last Sura of the Holy Qur'an, the Prophet( p. b. u. h. ), again, is personally addressed, as an example to and a leader of people, and the command is:

Say: I take refuge with the Lord of Mankind, The King of Mankind, The God of Mankind, It is interesting that, here, three attributes of the magnificent attributes of Allah; Lordship, Ownership, and Divinity, are emphasized, all of which are directly concerned with the training of Man, and his rescue from the grips of the tempters.

Of course, the objective of 'taking refuge with Allah' is not that a person says this phrase merely with his tongue, but he should accomplish it with his thoughts, Faith, and actions. He should avoid devilish routes, devilish programs, devilish minds and communications, and devilish societies and meetings; and travel the divine paths; otherwise, the person who follows those devilish ways and lets himself fall into the hands of those temptations cannot be safe by only reciting this Sura.

With saying 'The Lord of Mankind', he confesses His Lordship and places himself under His guidance.

By saying 'The King of Mankind', he knows himself as His object, and His obedient servant.

By saying 'The God of Mankind', he goes on the path of worshipping Him, and avoids worshipping others but Him. Undoubtedly, the person who is actually qualified with these three attributes, and truly believes in them, will be safe from the mischief of the tempters.

In fact, these three attributes are three important lessons of instruction and three means of rescue from the evil of temptations which keep Man safe.

From the evil of the slinking whisperer,


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