Prayer (Salat) 8

When a Muslim get up in the morning, he performs the "salat" to enable him commence his daily work with a pure heart, goodwill and attention towards the Almighty Allah. At noon, during his lunch break, he temporarily stops his work and again performs the "salat" . He does so, because as he cats to provide Fresh energy and joy to his body, he enriches and cheers his soul through perfotming the "salat". Before resuming his job in the afternoon, he performs the "salat" again so that he may work, with Allahh in mind. After sunset (evening), when it is usually time to stop the daily work and enjoy dinner, he once again performs the "sala", so that he may nourish his soul while gratifying his body withfood. At night , when one about to retire to bed , he once again stands up before Allah and performs his "salat". So , just as he started the day by remembering and prying to Allah Almighty, he end it with "salat" and remembrance of Allah. Thus, he goes to sleep with a comforted soul and a pure heart.

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