Prayer (Salat) 6

Salat 6

Cleaning of the Heart and Soul

Therefore, in the same way as we wash and clean our clothes and bodies, we must also spend time in cleaning our hearts and souls. To attain the pleasure of Allah – The Primary Source of purity and perfection – we must spend some time for remembering and thanking Him, in supplication and sincere prayer. In this way we shall wash our contaminated souls with the pure and Limpid water of the Divine Fountain. This is what ‘salat’ (ritual prayer) is, which a Muslim performs several timea every day. It is narrated that the holy prophet (S. A.) had concisely said to his companions: Suppose in front of the house of one of you, there is a river, and he washes himself in it five time a day, will there still remain any dirt on his body? They said “No, this washing will cleans the body of all dirt. Then he said, “ the five –time “salawat ( ritual prayers) do the same thing. With these five daily prayers Allah obliterate all one’s sins and makes one pure and clean.        

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