Fourteen Infallibles 3

The fourteen infallibles 3

Ten years in the company of the Holy prophet had kept him so close and inseparable, that he was one with him in character, knowledge, self-sacrifice, forbearance, bravery, kindness, generosity, oratory and eloquence. From his very infancy, he prostrated before God along with the Holy prophet. As he himself said” I was the first to pray to God along with the Holy Prophet.” Ali preserved in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet,” says al-Mas’udi, “  all along his childhood, “ Allah created him pure and holy and kept him steadfast on the right path. ‘Ali is undisputably the first to embrace Islam when the Holy Prophet called upon his listeners to do so, yet by the very fact that since his infancy he was brought up by the Holy Prophet and followed him in every action and deed including prostration before Allah, he can be said to be born a Muslim, just like the Holy Prophet himself.   

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