However, the first commentary is the most appropriate.In the last verse of this short Sura, regarding the taunts made by the chiefs of the pagans to that holy being, it says: Surely your enemy is the one who will be without offspring.The term/ sani'/ is derived from/ sana'an/ with the meaning of 'enmity, spitefulness, and peevishness'; and/ sani'/ is the one who possesses these characteristics.It is worthy to note that/ abtar/ originally means 'the animal whose tail is cut off' and the enemies of Islam taunted the holy Prophet( p. b. u. h. )by saying this with the hope that after his departure from this world and having no son to inherit his position, the dissolution of Islam's sovereignty would happen. But, Qur'an, consoling the holy Prophet( p. b. u. h. )tells him that it is not him who will be without offspring, but surely his enemy is.

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