Reciprocal Rights 2

Reciprocal Rights (2)

The greatest rights of God over you is the right which He – the Blessed, the Sublime – has made incumbent upon you for Himself, which is the root of all rights, as all of them spring from it. Then He has made (those rights) incumbent upon you in yourself, from your foot, in keeping with the diversity of your organs. So HE has given your sight a right over you, your hearing a right over you,  your tongue a right over you, your hand  a right over you, your leg a right over you your stomach a right over you and your private part a right over you .These are the seven organs which are the means of all your acts.

Then He to whom belong Might and Majesty, gave your acts (certain) rights over you ; He gave your ritual prayer ( salat) a right over you, your fasting (saw;m) a right over you , your alms (sadaqat) a right over you, your offering ( sacrifices= hadyy) a right over you, and your acts ( af’al) a right over you

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